Sunday, August 10, 2008

Packing it up

Feeling a little blue today. I am excited about the new venture I am taking, but I am really starting to feel sad about leaving my friends. Last couple days have been rough. Having a hard time concentrating. Dawna and Steve, you have been lifesavers for my sanity.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


great news, we have a buyer for the house. Florida, here I come. Closing will be at the end of the month, however they want to close sooner. It is happening so fast. Funny, I thought this day would never get here.

I am getting ready to fly down and get an apartment ready. I am so excited.
Amidst the excitement, I am also feeling a little sorrow. I have some good friends here I will be saying good bye to. Well, not goodbye forever, but you know what I mean. I was very touched, two of my bar guest cried yesterday when I told them I was leaving. I hope I meet good people like I have met here. My life is about to change drastically. It is going to be an adventure. I am feeling up to the challenge.

Took the girls to get haircuts today. Savanna's hair is so long and curly, she will not let me brush it. When I brush her hair it sounds like I am abusing her. So needless to say, her hair was quite a mess. She had dreads. It took 3 women to brush her hair. She looks so cute now. Alex got her hair styled. She is really growing up, it is hard to believe how fast.

So after I bring the girls home from their haircuts, they had friends coming over, I went out for some all important, can't live without, toilet paper. My short trip became a couple hours. Sears had a sale going on and I got this cute outfit. I had so much fun trying clothes on, without kids whining. I am quite proud of myself, in addition the sale, I also asked for more off the price because it was missing a button. Really, I would have bought it anyway, but hey, I got to save some extra money. I am really trying to be responsible with my money. Or should I say "more responsible".

I am off this evening. We are cooking out on the grill. Then when it gets dark, we are having drive in movie nite. remember the drive in theatres when you were young? Well, we take a t.v. and some snacks and watch a movie outside. I know, it sounds weird, but the kids love it, and it is fun. Making memories.

That is it for now. by the way, I am looking for boxes...

Go Obama!