Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

It is getting really late, but since I was on the ol' pc I thought I'd jot a line or two.

This is Memorial Day weekend. Missing my friends and the picnics! I think last year we were at Wes and Christine's house. Oh well, new beginnings can lead to great things.

The girls and I went to see Night at the Museum today. I actually wanted to go to a festival, but it was rainy, so we went shopping and to the movies. We had fun.

Our new friends came over yestarday. It was a nice visit. I really like them. They are a lovely family. Lisa is very hospitable (and funny) and their girls are such a joy. Savanna is thrilled how God answered her prayers for some friends.

Yestarday the girls and I were talking about Gods faithfulness and goodness. You know sometimes we just get so focused on our immediate problems we forget Who is really in control. We kinda act ungrateful, ya know. Like we are entitled to good things. So anyhoot, I was just so encouraged when Savanna shared with Alex and I how she had prayed for a friend and God brought two. And she was especially pleased that they are NORMAL! haha

Time to go. Have a great Memorial Day everyone.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol

Well, Kris won! It was a tough one. Both he and Adam were good. I bet we hear alot from both of them in the future. It was a good show tonight. Especially the part of in your face bikini girl. haha
24 is over for the season, American Idol is finished for the season, what are we to do now? Sigh!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Season Finale of 24

Last night was the season finale of 24. Sigh! I do not watch much t.v., but I do look forward to Monday nights with Jack. I think the writing this season was pretty good and consistant. I do not think that lady should be president though, she has been weak. I wish they had written her as a stronger character. I was glad to see her daughter get caught and I was relieved that the president did the right thing in the end. Hopefully next season they will build her up more.

So, Jack is dying. Considering the trouble he has been in off screen, I wonder if Keifer is coming back. They can't kill him off, Jack makes 24. Come on Sutherland, get your act together will ya!

Well, at least they explained why Tony is such a traitor. But he still does not get sympathy from this viewer. Jerk!

Well, on that note, my break is over, back to the real world.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

BBQ, Will Smith & Why do dogs drink from the toilet?

Had a great Saturday. Met a new friend recently, we went to their house for a bbq. Met some more new people. And guess what! They are normal people. Had a blast. They have little girls Savannas age.

Last Monday the girls and I took a little field trip to Cape Canaveral to watch the shuttle launch. It was exciting. What was amazing is, you saw the shuttle before you heard it, and then the sound came in waves. It was a little cloudy, so we could not watch it go all the way, but we saw it.

Drove nearly 3 hours to get there. Made it in time though. On the way home we drove through 3 thunderstorms. The kind that rains so big. There was alot of lightening, and anyone who knows me, knows I am afraid of lightening.

Oh yea, I saw unusual road kill that you do not see up north, a pelican and an alligator. Weird!

So there I am driving, gripping the wheel until my knuckles turned white out of fear of the lightening and I can't see. But we made it home in one piece.

Funny thing about south Florida, it rains in one place, but not another. And then when the rain stops the sun shines and you can't even tell it rained. I do love this weather.

Has anyone seen Seven Pounds with Will Smith? I saw it last night. What did you think? Of course Will Smith was in it, so you know it's gonna be good. I liked it. Cried at the end though.

Also recently saw Doubt with Meryl Streep. The cast was superb. The actors carried the movie with their acting. Good story line, but I personally thought the writing was weak.

Time to go fill the dogs water bowl before she empties the toilet. YUCK!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!

I am looking forward to a nice, quiet and peaceful mothers day. Savanna set her alarm clock so she can wake up before me, so I am anticipating breakfast in bed. She has been shut up in her room this evening, drawing pictures and making me a card. Of course I am not suppose to know this. She delights in making me gifts.

Alex is taking piano lessons now. She really has good rhythm. She is finding stuff that she is good at and enjoying it. This will be an excellent boost for her.

I do enjoy being a mom. I love my kids. Oh sure there are times I need some alone time. What mother doesn't? But I am truly blessed.

I found a writers group in Ft Lauderdale. They meet on Tuesdays. I am really hoping to go this Tuesday. I picked my book back up, editing it again. Who knows, I could be a published author one day.

Ok, no witty end for this post. Good night or good morning, however you wanna look at it. It is late.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Two Thumbs Up for Wolverine

Saw X Men, Wolverine tonight. It was good. I think it is my favorite one. Ok, best line in the movie..."Colonel, this is quickly becoming a disaster."

Forest got it wrong, but he gets a star for trying

Ok, so Forest Gump said "life is like a box of chocolates"? I think life is like a cookie jar. A mixed cookie jar at that! Ok, so you are staring at the cookie jar, you got your cup of joe in one hand and at the very bottom of the cookie jar is that one cookie that you absolutely have to have at that moment to dip in your coffee. Sure the other cookies are good, but that that one at the very bottom would be perfect!

Or how about a cereal box? Remember when you were a kid and cereal came with prizes? Who could wait 'till you ate enough ceral to get to the bottom of that box and claim the prize of a cheap toy? Confess, when your mom wasn't looking you know you dug your grubby fingers into the box and got that toy. Funny, after the prize, the cereal was not as tasty anymore. Unless of course it was Boo Berry.

I am doing some studying now. No, I am writing this, but I am suppose to be studying now. Got some deadlines quickly approaching. Clock is ticking! So Bubba Gump, here is where I am.... do I do this or do I do that? Do I major in this or do I major in that? Both are appealing, but which will get me to where I want to be - faster?

Geezopetes! I wanna dump this cookie jar out and just get to that cookie already!

Forest Gump, life is not like a box of chocolates, chocolates are laid out side by side, you can see what ya get. I don't care what yo mama say's... life is a big box of sweet cereal and the only way to get to that prize is eat it!

That's my thought anyway. Back to the books...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to Know Someone

"You never really know a person until you have stared at them for eight hours through a pair of high powered binoculars." Sponge Bob