Sunday, October 11, 2009

I just took a Biblical profile test to see who I am the most like in the Bible. I found it to be very interesting and pretty accurate. Gonna post my results, for those of you who know me well will agree this is pretty accurate.

My Biblical Personality Style:

Inspirational & Intuitive: As an "I" style, your personality is similar to Biblical heroes like the Apostle Peter, Barnabas, Abigail and Miriam. All of these people had charisma; and with their ability to encourage and inspire others, they were popular people to be around. Peter was the natural spokesperson for the twelve apostles, Abigail went and spoke to David on behalf of her foolish husband Nabal and inspired David to take the high road in a bad situation.

Personal growth areas for the high "I" style include gaining a sense of balance in all they do since they tend to always see the positive side of things and sometimes underestimate the difficulties that lie ahead. Peter, who proclaimed he would never deny Christ, had no idea of the events that would cause him to lose his confidence, deny knowing Christ, and then feel rejected. Yet Peter regained his passion and purpose and fifty days later stood in front of thousands and boldly told of all the things that had happened. Peter quickly was regarded as one of the early church leaders, and was a great evangelist and gospel writer.

Your Personality Style Preview:
Relationships play a key role in Stacey's life, she tends to be a very trusting individual, she enjoys making new friends and developing new relationships. She often finds herself involved in many things at once and loves social functions. Stacey enjoys encouraging those around her. People see her as a person who frequently inspires others.

Neat and orderly, others usually see Stacey as practical. She needs adequate information to make decisions, and she will consider the pros and cons. She may be sensitive to criticism, and will tend to internalize her emotions. Stacey likes to clarify expectations before undertaking new projects, and she will follow a logical process to gain successful results.

Stacey prefers to work through problems by analyzing things that worked in the past. She is willing to follow another person's lead if they display adequate ability and if Stacey has confidence in their ability. She is someone who is able to lead, if necessary; but usually prefers to wait and see if another person volunteers first.

Stacey takes a flexible approach in her dealings with others and she is willing to pursue different avenues to maintain good relationships. While she is patient and will not usually rush, Stacey is not afraid to actively seek new solutions if previous methods do not fit the current situation.

If you are interested in knowing your style, you can go to
You answer some questions and they give you an analysis. You can use this for matches in relationships, work, etc...

I remember once, a long time ago, at work they had us all take a test to see what our personalities were and what field of work we should be in. I don't know, maybe they were trying to tell us something, haha. My results came back that I should be an actress or in sales. Guess what field I was in, no I was not in acting, it was sales, although there is a very close link between the two.

Sales seemed to be the only thing I was good at (at the time), I was the queen of Rolaids if you know what I am saying. I remember once thinking I wanted a "normal" job like everyone else. So, a dentist friend of mine gave me a job. He was gonna train me and help me to become a dental hygienist. Err, wrong move. Fist of all, I get grossed out really easy, I faint at the sight of blood. But I thought it would be a respectable job and I was tired of stress. My career in the dental field lasted almost 3 months. I couldn't take it anymore. It was quite the learning experience though. I went back to sales. It was what I was good at and I could still eat after work. I suspect the patients at the dental office were glad to see me go. Kinda hard to assist the dentist and hold the suction without sucking your cheeks up when you don't look directly into the mouth because you have to focus on your breathing so you don't pass out.

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