Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am reading a book by Joe Vitale, The Seven Lost Secrets of Success. He is writing about the million dollar ideas of Bruce Barton, and the book is loaded with some thought provoking quotes. I will share a couple with you...

"In each generation are a few men who catch a vision so big and steadfast that in the pursuit of it they lose all thought of their own interest or advantages."
Bruce Barton, 1918

"In the long run no individual prospers beyond the measure of his faith."
Bruce Barton, 1921

"In evry human being, whether emperor or cowboy, prince or pauper, philosopher or slave, there is a mysterious something which he neither understands nor controls. It may lie dormant for so long as to be almost forgotten; it may be so repressed that the man supposes it dead. But one night he is alone in the desert under the starry sky; one day he stands with bowed head and damp eyes beside an open grave; or there comes an hour when he clings with desperate instinct to the wet rail of a storm tossed boat, and suddenly out of the forgotten depths of his being this mysterious something leaps forth. It over-reaches habit; it pushes aside reason, and with a voice that will not be denied it cries out its questionings and its prayer."
Bruce Barton, 1927
What Can A Man Believe?

"Many of us are afraid this expenditure of compassion will drain away our energy, deplete us for our own tasks. But the dynamics of compassion defy the ordinary laws of energy. We discover that, like Antaeus in the ancient myth, our strength is doubled by compassionate contact with the blessed earth of humanity...

"Compassion belongs to the other great band of noble virtues- tolerance, sympathy, understanding - all marching under the banner of love."
Bruce Barton, 1942

You have just got to read the book for yourself, but I tell ya, it is filled with some diamonds.

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