Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am back up north for a visit. Been here for about 2 weeks, kinda feels like 2 months, haha. I am enjoying catching up with friends, but really look forward to getting back to the palm trees.

Dawna girl, felt like old times sitting in your house and sipping wine and talking and laughing. You have no idea how much I miss those visits. You are still a hoot! And if I can get my nine year old to show me how to do it, I am gonna post those pictures, haha. silence can be bought.

My dear friend shared a quote with me, she said "go to where you are celebrated and not just tolerated". Kathy, I truly feel celebrated at your home. The fact that Larry did not go away on vacation when I came into town speaks volumes, haha. And for someone who does not like to cook, that dinner was the bomb! Yummy!!!

The girls are enjoying their visits with their friends. Savanna is going to go into Katie withdrawl when we leave. Thank God for unlimited long distance. You know how when you have a friend, and you just have this connection with each other, and you know you will probably be friends for the rest of your lives? Well, I believe Savanna and Katie are just such friends. A year apart has not weakened their friendship. They talk everyday. They laugh together and get into their spats, but always make up and move on.

You can learn alot listening to two little girls talking on the phone. They encourage each other and applaud each other. Even when they have their differences they remain committed to their friendship.

Alright, back to the books...

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