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Prayer Alert for Zimbabwe

Prayer Alert! Pleas from Zimbabwe Teresa Neumann (April 21, 2008)
We have to let the world know what is happening...Please stand with us in South Africa in praying for a country crying out for deliverance!

(Harare, Zimbabwe)—In 2007, Communist President Robert Mugabe was given the title "The World's Worst Dictator" by Parade in 2007. After winning a supposedly rigged election, the Christian Science Monitor (CSM) reports that human rights groups say his militias are setting up "torture camps" to beat opposition supporters, and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has fled the country in fear for his life. (Photo: AP)The majority of Zimbabweans are Christian.

Addressing the escalating crisis, former United Nations Secretary, General Kofi Annan, has called on African leaders to resolve the Zimbabwe crisis. "On the question of Zimbabwe, there has been substantial international attention," he said. "The question which has been posed is: Where are the Africans? Where are their leaders and the countries in the region, what are they doing? It is a rather dangerous situation. It's a serious crisis with impact beyond Zimbabwe."
Human Rights Watch is quoted as saying pro-government militias—including hundreds of so-called "war veterans"—are arresting and beating anyone suspected of having supported Mugabe's opposition. "It's a time bomb because people are unhappy and they are bottling up their anger," says Eldred Masunungure, a political science lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe.

BCN subscriber Heidi Rootman from South Africa wrote asking for prayer. Said Rootman: "I would like to call on all Christians worldwide for an urgent prayer request regarding our neighboring country Zimbabwe, a country that is crying out for deliverance from the poverty and cruelty that they have suffered under Robert Mugabe's reign. A shipment of weapons including rocket driven grenades, mortars and other heavy ammunition is seeking a harbor after being refused to dock at the South African harbors. These weapons are headed directly for Zimbabwe so that the wave of intimidation and terror can continue for anyone daring to vote for the opposition, as a revote may be on the cards. This man apparently wiped out hundreds of thousands of people, obliterating entire towns and communities at the start of his reign. He has not changed.

Please pray with us the following:

• that God's will and purpose be accomplished in the present situation.

• for confusion in the ranks of the enemy and that his plans for Zimbabwe be thwarted.

• for that what is hidden and been done in darkness be exposed.

• that this ship from China carrying weapons will not be able to dock anywhere and that these weapons will not reach their destination.

• a release in the present situation so that things do not go the Kenya way.
Please stand with us in South Africa in praying for a country crying out for deliverance!

From her home in France, Anne Elmer, author of Transported by the Lion of Judah, shared the prayer requests she has received from friends in Africa. These letters are full of reports of murder, and it is evident that the current crisis in Zimbabwe is of a racial as well as a political nature. Said "Kerry" from Zimbabwe: "There was a carefully orchestrated war vet attack on the few remaining white owned farms in Masvingo. The farms that I know were invaded were the Goddards, Connors, Borland, Richards and Sparrows. The whole Pa Nyanda Lodge was taken over and Graham and Cally were given an hour to leave their house. They did so with a few photos and valuables, but didn't even have time to pack a suitcase...surely, the outside world cannot sit back and allow a repeat of 2002. There is huge military deployment as we speak, and the people are becoming fearful."

"Please pass this email on to as many folks as you would like to," said another. "If you know of anyone in the media, all the better. We have to let the world know what is happening."

Source: Scott Baldauf - Christian Science Monitor

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