Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Guitar Hero, NYC and the Smashing Pumpkins

Ok, so I have almost mastered the easy level of guitar hero. Not! haha OMG, that game is addictive. Getting my groove on, haha. My favorite song on the game is by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. At the beginning of the song it gives you a tidbit about the band playing the song. What I learned about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is that they are from Brooklyn (I am a NYC girl myself,upper west side)and they got their name from a common saying from New Yorkers... yeah yeah yeah... hahaha, I can so relate, I've said it a million times myself... yeah, yeah, yeah, get to the point already!

Anyhoot, I am off from school for a week. The week is almost over. It is really nice to take a breather from studying. I can not wait until this is over. Although, I will admit, I do enjoy learning new things.

So this week while I am off I thought I would pick up the ol' manuscript and do some more tweaking.

Oooh... I hear Smashing Pumpkins calling me (daughters got guitar hero going). Whatever happened to that band anyway? They were a 3 hit wonder and disappeared.


f1trey said...

LOL the last lines gave me a chuckle!

S. Eutin said...

Whatever did happen to them? I liked 'em. I have a vague memory of one of their music videos, the camera was following a bowling ball, video made no sense, but the music was good. Ah- maybe it was a bowling alley accident? They got trampled by the pins? :)