Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It is so late, well, almost, and I am really needing to go to bed, but since I was already on the net with my homework... thought I'd touch base.

The girls and I started volunteering at the soup kitchen, one of many in Ft Lauderdale. Probably sounds ridiculous to say I enjoyed it, but I did. Savanna did too. Alex was not feeling well, but I made her come any way...just incase she was faking it, haha. I remember when I was young trying to get out of school and faking I was sick unitl miraculously when it was too late to go to school, I was healed. A miracle I tell ya!

The soup kitchen is a very good ministry. Sad and amazing how many homeless and needy people there are. Sad.

I think it is important to volunteer, especially with my children. It is an eye opener, helps to teach compassion and gives appreciation for the blessings that we do have, even when they go unnoticed because we get so tied up with what we "want".

When I talked to the girls about volunteering, I reminded them of what Jesus said, when He was hungry, naked, sick and in prison, we took care of Him, and that is what we are doing when we help others. We are the hands of God.

I personally feel like I have been on a neverending rollercoaster of emotions and frustrations. I am reminded when I feel my best, is when I am helping others. Now that is a sense of purpose and we all have a purpose. What's yours?


f1trey said...

Im proud of you! Instilling that type of kindness through example is more rare than you think...... this is a secret.....ok??

Many women think success at motherhood is getting the kids up, dressed, to school, getting them clean clothes and dinner .....not true....kids are hungry , hungry i tell you for direction and ive seen mother sfeed their kids and call it success but neglect to feed their soul......... kudos darlin...

S. Eutin said...

Hey Thanx for your encouragement, I am sharing your secret :)
I agree, compassion is something that is instilled in our children through example and you are right, it is food for the soul.