Saturday, July 5, 2008


We had a fantastic time yestarday in Pittsburg. First, we went to the zoo, and that is always such an educational experience. The last time we were there the kids got to see how baby elephants are made, this time we got to witness an otter swim right past the window, displaying his manhood for everyone to see. That is all I got to say about that. Yikes!

There were alot of people at the zoo. The weather was actually quite nice. Only an occassional drizzle, not hot.

Then we went to the three rivers to a festival. There was a boat race, concerts, food and lots of people. The fireworks were spectacular! It was a laser show and firworks and the army band played. It was the best I have ever seen. They set them off from a boat in the river.

As I watched the fireworks, I wondered how many people actually know what the celebration was for. I mean, it is not about picnics and fireworks, but our freedom, the birth of our nation. Makes me happy to be an American.

Well, I do have to go to work today and Tim grilled some lunch so I can eat with the family before I go in. So the dinner bell is ringing, must go now.

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