Friday, July 18, 2008

Just a bit...

Ok, so the couple from out of town are coming to see the house again. They will be here Sunday afternoon. I really should clean up, but I think I will wait until tomorrow to do that, so I won't have to do it twice. I have a good feeling about these people. Could they be the ones?

As excited as I am to be moving soon, I know I am going to miss my friends. I am blessed with some good friends here. On the bright side, hey, you guys have a place to go for vacation now. hahaha

Tim got my bike out and cleaned it up for me. I have not rode it in a long time. Savanna and I went for a bike ride yesterday. It was fun. And yes, it is true, you do not forget how to ride a bike.

No deep thoughts today. You can quote me on that. Trace, sorry I didn't answer the phone, I live in a house full of girls and to get a chance to use the phone is almost impossible. Send a homing pigeon next time. haha

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