Monday, February 25, 2008

The Constant Thread

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.
Hebrews 13:8

I have a few minutes before I have to get ready for work and thought I might touch base with you. I had three days off in a row, so I feel like I had a mini vacation. Kinda hard to get motivated to go back to work when you just want to stay home with your family.
It is Monday, so back to the grind...
Savanna is working on her spelling, she declares the world is unfair and life is hard because she is going to be 8 years old in 3 days and she should not have to do any homeschool this week. To make matters worse she still has to do her math. On second thought, maybe going to work is not so bad, haha
Hey, if you want to check out a great blog go to and check out Rays blog. I believe it is called Rays Comfort Food. I had a great time just reading the comments. It really makes you think.
A friend of ours stopped by last evening. We really enjoyed his visit. We got to talking about the things of God, which is always fun. We shared what each of us is struggling with and there was a common theme, funny....we were struggling with the same things. Maybe not the same details, but you know what I mean. It makes me think, we all struggle with stuff, no matter how long we have walked with God.
The great news is, though our circumstances change and the struggles change, God does not. If confusion is starting to set up camp, it is because we have allowed him in by neglecting our time alone with God and in fellowship with other believers. We can be filled with head knowledge and still not really believe.
Working in the secular world, it is hard sometimes. Often I feel like a bullseye for the demons of hell. I thank God that He is faithful. Just a short visit with friends, can strengthen us, when Jesus is the center. We have each other to remind us that we are not alone.
Let's stop being so busy with "life" and get busy with LIFE! I am talking to myself here. It is a lonely road to travel when we cut ourselves off from other believers.
Well, I have had a thousand and one distractions while writing this. I must go check the girls papers and get ready for work.
Hope you are having a great day!

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camport said...

Great blog! Thanks for tracking me down. I was pretty discouraged after my last comment on Ray's blog. Usually the atheists don't jump on me THAT bad. Oh well.

Anyways, you'll have to give me some tips on the homeschooling end. I've got one heading for Kindergarten and I can't decide what to do. For our lifestyle, homeschooling would be perfect. We move every 6 months! But on the other hand, all I can think about is that 6 hours of gov't daycare, also known as school.

My SIL homeschools but her kids go nowhere outside of her home{other than Grandma's} and the thought of that makes me insane. Wow, this comment got really long so I'll end here.

Nice to meet ya!