Sunday, February 17, 2008

Living For A Perfect God Imperfectly

"Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking beautiful pearls, who, when he found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it."
Matthew 13:47

Ok, maybe this is just a woman thing (though I do not think so) but is there anyone else who is tired of being ruled by their emotions. Why do we think everything has to be perfect? Humor me, just nod and smile, do not tell me I am the only one that deals with this issue.
How many times I wanted to do something for God and stopped because I fell into the religious bondage that I had to have everything else in order for God to use me. I was a mess! Just when everything was looking good (to me) I would say, "Ok God, You may use me now, because I can do it now" hahaha Then sure enough something else would know on my door. I would get a bad attitude with my husband, yell at my kids, etc... then right back I would go, putting restrictions on God, forgetting that without Him I can do nothing. I was not living in sin, I just was not perfect. Do you know what that was? That was religion!
I was just talking to my friend Loretta on the phone today. I shared with her how I use to struggle with my job, never thought my pulpit would be at a bar. I wanted to be in full-time ministry, and yet here I was, waitressing and bartending, because we have bills that need to be paid. I thought I missed Gods call on my life, because certainly if I had to go to work, especially this kind of work, I would not have time to be used by Him. I am just so glad His ways are not mine. I am amazed how often He gives me an opportunity to share Him with others. I told my friend I am really struggling with lonliness, I miss the fellowship with my Christian brothers and sisters and how several have made it clear how they felt about my job, as though I have fallen into a backslidden state. I must even confess I was afraid of how others would think about me. Fear of man is a road leading to death for sure!
There is a regular who comes into the restaraunt. I talk with him and his wife often about my faith. Now do not get the impression that I go in and beat people up with my faith, I do not. This gentleman comes from a pentecostal background and has walked away from his faith in God because of hurts by the church. Since he has walked away from God he has done some things that he knows is not pleasing to God. I really believe he wants to come back to God, but is afraid of the mess he thinks he has to clean up first and what will others think of him. I told him that he does not have to be perfect, God loves him and died for him on the cross, because without His death and resurection, there could be no pardon for our sins, our transgressions against His law, and that is the only way to eternal life, through Jesus Christ. Yea sure, there may be some music that he may have to face, but he will not be facing it alone, God promises to be with him. I do hope he remembers that.
Remember, God calls us to be holy, not perfect. We will not be perfected until we are face to face with our Creater. He calls us to be holy and since He says to be holy, then we can be holy, because He would not set us up for failure, we must remind ourselves that we can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us.
Well, it is time to stop rambling. My daughter has a friend on her way over to play, so I must get ready.
I thank God for you and I thank Him that who the Son sets free, is free indeed. Are you free?

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