Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Marital Bliss?

"Haven't you read the scriptures?" Jesus replied. "They recorded that from the beginning 'God made them male and female' and He said 'this explains why a man leaves his mother and father and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one. Since they are no longer two but one, let no one seperate them, for God has joined them together."
"Not everyone can accept this statement," Jesus said "only those whom God helps."
Matthew 19:4,5,6,11

Well my laptop is down. My husband was using it whie I was at work (even though he has his own and I asked him to not use mine). Even though it was not his fault, I implied that it was because he should not have been on it. Never mind that it has been giving me troubles, but I over reacted. (by the way, I am accepting donations for a new laptop, haha)
Sharing this with you brings me to my topic that I want to ramble about today, MARRIAGE.
It is not always easy is it? Especially when two imperfect people insist that they are perfect.
There is a young couple I know that are engaged to be married. Aaah, young love....
It has been my observation that they both have different ideas about the wedding day. He wants to do this and she wants to do that. We all have our own dillusions on the perfect wedding, the perfect marriage, the perfect children, the perfect home, the perfect in-laws(or outlaws) and the perfect pets, etc...Our expectations are not always reality, because we seem to forget that we are not perfect.
So I say to the bride to be, "take a good long look and hear my words" then in slow motion, I say "Foooooorrrrreeeeeevvvveeeerrrrr, until death do you part and he might live a long long time, do you love him enough? Can you committ to that? Divorce can never be an option and you will not always "feel" like you love him."
"Geeesh Stacey," she said. "you really bumbed me out."
Bumbing her out was not my intention, but I hope it causes her to think.
Our society is not marriage and family friendly is it? Without Jesus Christ being the center, I do not know how anyone can endure marriage. It certainly is not for the weak.
I did everything backwards. I did not have a relationship with Jesus when I married. How blesed are those who put Christ the center right from the beginning (living a sexual pure life will be a topic discussed later)
I love my husband, it is not always easy, but I thank God for him. One of the things that I have learned, am still learning, is that one person can not complete you. Only Jesus can do that. Knowing this, why do I still get frustrated? Could it be my own imperfections? Ouch!
Marriage should be a celebration because it is Gods gift to us. There is no such thing as "We should not have been together". Maybe you should not have, but you are now,and it has not caught God by surprise, He knew from the beginning.
So if you have doubts in your head and you find yourself looking for a way of escape, REMEMBER this,
divorce is not an option and neither is a dead marriage. So revive what you have and start with yourself.
Get alone with God and let Him do a work in you and He will take care of yur spouse.
Love each other and serve each other as unto God, even if it hurts.
Your reward will come from God. Who knows...maybe you will find you have a gem but did not even notice because you were too caught up in costume jewelry to recognize the real thing.
Love you!

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