Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!

I am looking forward to a nice, quiet and peaceful mothers day. Savanna set her alarm clock so she can wake up before me, so I am anticipating breakfast in bed. She has been shut up in her room this evening, drawing pictures and making me a card. Of course I am not suppose to know this. She delights in making me gifts.

Alex is taking piano lessons now. She really has good rhythm. She is finding stuff that she is good at and enjoying it. This will be an excellent boost for her.

I do enjoy being a mom. I love my kids. Oh sure there are times I need some alone time. What mother doesn't? But I am truly blessed.

I found a writers group in Ft Lauderdale. They meet on Tuesdays. I am really hoping to go this Tuesday. I picked my book back up, editing it again. Who knows, I could be a published author one day.

Ok, no witty end for this post. Good night or good morning, however you wanna look at it. It is late.

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