Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Breaking a Sweat

Did you ever have one of those days where you just feel great! Well, this is my day. No, I am not medicated. Could have something to do with working out not once, but twice today to some new music I got. Feels good to break a sweat! I think I am close to the weight that I can start running again.

I work tonight. Last night the bar started out real slow. I mean, real ssssslllllooooowwwwww. But toward the end of the evening it picked up considerably, so I did walk out with some green. It was a good crowd. One of my barguest, also a friend, told me I am not just a bartender, I am an entertainer. I sometimes feel like a circus monkey. haha I don't mind, I love to laugh and meet new people, and really, how many grumpy people do you know after a drink?

I once wanted to be a stand up comic, didn't make the cut. I found the secret. Give them a drink and then tell them a joke. Works like a charm I tell ya.

I am off tomorrow, so I have reservations to go check out another restaurant. They offered me a bartending job, so I thought I should go see what kind of business they have. RT's is plucking my nerves and I feel like I work for the gestapo sometimes.

The house has been showing. A couple professors are coming in this evening from out of town. Maybe I should open some books and spread the Wall Street Journal out on the coffee table. Perhaps they will say, "hmmm, this is the house of smart people, we must buy it!"

It is almost time for work, hope it is busy, or there is one really really generous tipper.


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allaboutattitude said...

Feels good to 'break a sweat'.
I wanna do it too.