Monday, June 16, 2008


Our fantastic realtor, Melissa Watson of Long and Foster (not a paid advertising, haha)e mailed with some good news. The couple from outa town, that saw the house twice, have requested the disclosures and are coming back Thursday with their parents for a third, and hopefully final, look. Come on baby, make an offer!

Ok, I am not putting all my eggs in one basket, but this looks good. Woohoo!

Did everyone have a good fathers day? We did. We packed a picnic and went to Rocky Gap, the camp side, it is so much nicer, and had a good day in the sun. Took girls for a canoe ride. You know, I think I might add that into my workout, canoe twice a week. It was fun.

I have been practicing my bartending flair at home in the back yard. Wonder what the neighbors think? No broken glass in the yard yet, however, there is alot of grass in the cork. The fact that I am not a coordinated person does make it a little difficult.

Time to go do some turbo. Have a great day!

Vote for Pedro.


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