Monday, June 23, 2008


I found this video on youtube, I like U2, and for those of you who also like U2 know that many of their lyrics are biblical and have real spiritual undertones and sometimes just outright. Of course, I know some religious people get offended at some music. Music, like politics, has a knack for offending people. tsk, tsk

Anyhoot, Tim, I thought you would like this one.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our view of how things should be, how God should move and how people should express their love for God. Often times, the church forgets that they are only saved because Jesus saved them. There is alot of lip service, but sometimes no action.

Bono references in this song (written by Leonard Cohen) about the broken hallelujah, and to me, that means, a broken hallelujah from someone who is hurting, who desperately cries out to God from his inner part and God hears. The Spirit groans within us, and we do not understand, but He does. And then there is that hallelujah that comes from the unsaved, from His creation, because even though their intellect wants to deny Christ, He has given each of us an inner knowing, a conscience, and we can not deny we were all created.

Listen to this and interpret for yourself. I am curious to hear some feedback.

or for the faint at heart. hahahaha Funny, this one goes with a wedding. Do you recognize it now?

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