Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just For You Tracy

Ok Trace, this one is for you!

Eeeeehhhh, oooohhhhhh, eeeeeehhhhh, emergency one, emergency one....
Errr uhhhh, clean up in aisle 1....
pass me that pencil would ya, uh, and a match...
why do you always get to sleep by the fan!?
I am coming up there and you better be asleep!
We are running away, signed fatty and tapeworm...
How do you like my towel, I mean, uh, my hair, how do you like my hair?
And no, she does not work at McDonalds, she just likes her new green outfit!
Uh oh, here comes Lisa's parents, quick, out the window! Wait, open the window first.
Close your eyes and pretend you are asleep, do not move, he will eventually go away. (One hour later) Close your eyes, don't move, he will eventually go away.
I can't believe we worked all summer for this stupid movie!
And the number one....drum roll please, lights off, the sound of feet running, and suddenly, crash... "who moved the bed?"

Love ya Cuzz!

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