Thursday, September 17, 2009

A friend of mine shared this story with me, I thought it worth repeating, so here is my attempt of repeating this without messing it up.

A guy was walking down a street and fell into a huge hole. In the darkness of the hole he barely had room to stand and could feel the sides of the hole around him. It was a very deep hole, about 30 feet. Up above he could see light and people walking over the hole.

He yelled for help until finally a minister happened by. "Is someone down there?" yelled the minister.

"Yes," the man yelled, "I have fallen down this hole and I need help."

"Well," replied the minister, "I will go pray for help for you."

Then the minister left. The man waited and waited, but the minister never came back. So the man began to yell for help again.

Finally another man stopped. "Is someone down there?"

"Yes! I have fallen into this hole and I need help."

"I'll go get a ladder."

Once again the man waited and waited, but the man never came back with the ladder.He began to lose hope. The minister said he would pray about it, but no help came. The guy went to get a ladder, but he never came back either.

"Help! Help!"

Another man heard him yell. "Is someone down there?"

"Yes! I have fallen into this hole and I can not get out, I need help!"

"I'll help you" the man yelled back and then jumped into the hole with him.

"Why did you jump into the hole with me? You were suppose to go get help, now we are both stuck." The man was dumbfounded.

"I am going to help you," the man answered, "I, too, have fallen into this hole before. Follow me, I know the way out."

Now I can really go on a preach here, but I won't. I am sure you can all see the message behind this story. We have all fallen into holes sometime in our lives. Some of us more than once.

So, why is it that when some of us get out of a hole, we are too afraid or reluctant to help someone else out? We have all been there and if we were fortunate enough to find our way out, then lend a hand and be a guide to someone else and help them out.

If you are still in that hole, keep yelling for help, don't give up, because someone will hear your call and they will be willing to get a little dirty to help you climb out of that hole.

Ok, that was my deep moment of the day. Be encouraged and keep on keeping on.

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