Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Did That Happen?

Ok, so the girls and I finally get to the eye doctor. The doctor (who by the way looks like my sons aga, haha) exams our eyes and then has me watch a video about what happens to the eyes after 40. Whoa! How did that happen? Funny, I don't feel my age.

Apparently, like everything else on a woman's body, your eyesight goes down hill after 40 too.

I always thought bi-focals were for the elderly. Guess what I am going to be wearing...

Anyway, after picking out my frames, and I got some really cool ones too, I decide I need a new hairstyle to go with the new eyes. My usual girl was off and I was desperate so I tried a new guy. Now ladies, we all can relate to the fear of going to a new person to cut your hair. But my glasses will not be in for a week, so if he messes up, it can grow out some before I am able to see it.

I sit down, he throws the cape over me, and I say, "Go short! Think Annie Lennox and go for it." And he did! I watched him cut away so fast, without any hesitance and I knew I was gonna like it. I love it! That guy is a keeper.

Sometimes it is fun to just go out and do something different, something fresh. Day in and day out of the same ol' stuff can get very boring. Sometimes you just gotta do it!


f1trey said...

pictures please!!!!!

S. Eutin said...

There is a reason why I have no pictures on this blog, it adds 50 pounds, haha. Ok, at your request will put picture on today, as soon as my kids show me how.