Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tonight I introduce my girls to The Fly. Not the original with Vincent Price, the one with Jeff Goldblum. I love watching those sci-fi movies. My girls think they are corny, and they are, but very entertaining.

So I talked to my friend James tonight on the phone. He is so funny. He called a week ago and left a message that he would be waiting by the phone for me to call him back, so a few days later I finally call him back. Got his answering machine, I said, "uh, James, you are suppose to be by the phone." So, tonight he calls me back and says he was waiting for a week by the phone, and just when he had to step out for supplies, I called him back. He is so funny. I enjoy talking with him, he is a great encouragement for me in my studies. Tonight our discussion was on the death penalty and preemptory challenges. Very stimulating.

Speaking of which, take a look at my post below for the meeting coming up for Amnesty International.

So, I learned how to post pictures, oooh technology. I think tomorrow, which is today, I am gonna post some pictures from my trip up north.

Ok, the movie starts in 14 minutes, gotta run... "help me, help me..." (in a small fly voice)


f1trey said...

hahahah..enjoy the movie! what ever happened to jeff???

S. Eutin said...

Didn't you know? After the big chill and surviving the dinosaurs, he turned into a fly... although I think the fly may have come first, but it sounds better this way. haha