Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Monday. Now this is one of those days where I really miss my friends and family. Up north this would be the last holiday that I could look forward to planning a day for a picnic with friends. The last day of (real) summer hoorah.

Remember the picnics of our youth with our many cousins? Food and games and alot of laughing. Chicken fights in the water and card games at the picnic table. Good times.

Speaking of card games, I did have a blast playing cards during my visit back home. Uncle Picky and I are were partners. hahahaha He is hilarious. My mother and Shirley were partners and I think there were times they wanted to slap us. I think we may have won one game, but we will deny that in public and say we won them all. There are no sore losers when you do not admit to losing.

My mom is coming down for Thanksgiving and I am so looking forward to it. I am hoping Royce (Uncle Picky, a nickname earned) and Shirley come too, a rematch around my kitchen table would be so nice.

The sun is out this morning, so I think we should throw our suits on and hit the pool. A sunny morning does not mean there will be no rain in the afternoon.

Can"t believe we have been down here in Southern Florida for a year already. I have been fortunate enough to have to experience any hurricanes (yet). Let me tell ya, some of these thunderstorms scare the crap outa me. The lightening is so fierce and the thunder shakes the house. I am not looking forward to a hurricane, which I am sure if I stay here for any length of time I will get to experience. If you are a betting person, go ahead and put your money on me hiding in a closet and crying and possibly with wet pants. Yep, I am a chicken. I suppose for my girls I will be brave, but you can bet inside I will be shaking.

On that note, gonna get some sun before the clouds roll in. Have a great Labor Day!


f1trey said...

just finished the old man ant he sea......having a hard time getting through a farewell to arms...but im not giving up! thanks for the compliments!!! I AM a fantastic drummer...and yeah country music is worthless........ hehehee later!

S. Eutin said...

Two words...cliff notes. haha Now drumming, that's impressive, I can hardly walk and chew gum. Ok, maybe I can. You heard the joke about what ya get when you play country music backwards, right?