Monday, May 19, 2008

Grumpy Church People

Ok, so I am suppose to be writing. Dinner is in the oven and I have declared tonight is mine to write. So what am I doing here? Procrastinating.

It is mighty windy out today. Took kids to fly kites, but it was too windy and cold. It is Monday and I am off today because I worked for someone else yesterday. It does feel nice being home in the evenings with the family. Sometimes I feel like I am never home.

Can I share a peeve I have, if ya wanna call it that.Yesterday I worked, it was Sunday and I do not normally work on Sundays, but switched with someone because she really needed the day off.

So I was there at lunch, you know the time on Sundays when church folk come in after church and say "you should have been in church today", duh... if I were there, who would be here? Anyhow, I have two things to say...

First, to the church people, people who carry the label of Christian...when you come into a restaurant, wearing your Sunday best and it is obvious you just came from church and you are gathered around the table blessing the food, please, I repeat, please, do not curse the ones who are serving you with the very mouth you just used to thank God for your food. I am appalled at what I witnessed at work. Do you not know that you are a representation of Christ? If you can not handle that responsibility, change your clothes before you come to dinner and do not pray, because you leave a bad witness.

One such table nearly had a server in tears because the food did not look like the menu picture. Are you aware that servers are paid $3.08 and hour? We live off of your tips, so if you must be cheap and not leave a tip, do not leave a gospel track either. We can not see the joy of the Lord on you when you are fighting with each other, gossiping and being just down right miserable and taking as many people with you as you can.

Second, to the people who do not profess to be Christians, I am sorry. Please do not believe that Christians are suppose to act that way. Know that someone who truly loves Jesus will love you too. Though we all have bad days and being a Christian does not make us immune from bad days, if we are mature, we will not treat others like dung. What you witness when you see this misbehavior, is not the love of Christ, but religion.

Guys, it is time to grow up. Let go of the elementary and get real. If you can't be civil, then stay home.

Ok, that was my rant. Gotta run and check dinner and get serious with writing. Wanna post at least two articles tonight. By the way, anyone have any article ideas?

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