Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Did you have a good weekend? I did. We had our picnic yesterday because I had to work today. I will post some pictures tomorrow (perhaps). A couple friends of ours came over and we had so much fun. The weather was beautiful!

This morning we had a baby blue jay in our yard. It had a hard time flying. Tim kept picking it up with a swimming pool net and lifting it up to a tree branch so our dog would not eat it. Poor thing. Do you know what amazed me? The mother bird (I assume) and about 4 other blue jays kept flying around it and calling to it. It was if they were encouraging it. Gods creation is awesome beautiful.

Well, Tim and girls called me at work. The baby bird died. So the girls buried it under our lilac tree with the other pets. It is looking like a little pet cemetery, all these shallow graves and mounds of dirt with flowers. Maybe we should get some headstones?

Work was very slow tonight. Of course, everyone was picnicking. It is raining right now. I had a few bar guest, so I did have company.

We list our house with Long and Foster tomorrow. I think this is it. I so want to be in Florida by the end of July. So Amy, look for me, I am coming!

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