Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hey There

I am back! Tim took girls to see Narnia and I am home alone. Yep, guess what I am suppose to be doing, you got it, writing. Help! Writers block, yuck.

I had a nice "me" day. I got a pedicure, thanks Mom. It felt soooo good. You know how dogs shake their legs when they are being pet just the right way? Well, I know why they do that, haha. She massaged my feet, I think my eyes were rolling into the back of my head it was so relaxing. I now have shiny red toes, sexy. Then I went and got the eyebrows done. You know what I wonder? Who was the first person to use body wax and what were they thinking? Ouch!

What is up with this wind and chill? Memorial day is right around the corner and I am cold.

Hey Trace, thanks for putting me in your faves.

Ok, enough dancing around, time to get serious. I am off to write the next best seller.

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